Impla 6000 & Impla 7000



The new brushless implant motors IMPLA 6000 and IMPLA 7000 are compact, reliable and simple to use.

Customized on Sweden & Martina implants.


Both motors are equipped wit preset programs (6 for IMPLA 7000 and 5 for IMPLA 6000) customized on Sweden & Martina implants. The preset parameters can anyway be adjusted during any procedure and can be easily re-set and memorized with different values according to the operator’s needs.

Optimum performance, always


Equipped with specific softwares, both motors are designed to ensure and maintain maximum performance in all the parameters and for the entire life of the motor. Although it fits well with all ISO standard connection handpieces, IMPLA 6000 has been set for optimum performance with the Sirona 20:1 contra-angle surgery handpiece. IMPLA 6000 reaches a high torque value, 60 Ncm, ideal for each phase of the implant procedure while IMPLA 7000 can go even further, up to 80 Ncm.

IMPLA 7000: dynamometer calibration system


The software of this innovative and exclusive motor allows the user to calibrate the motor to the specific contra-angle used, thus maximizing all parameters of its performance. It’a a very simple operation that only takes a few seconds.

IMPLA 7000: Built-in fiber optic


It allows to enlighten operating field both at low rpm and with the motor stopped. So it must be used with a fiber optic contra-angle for surgery that can reach 80 Ncm as well (the contra-angle MONTBLANC 20:1 by Antogyr is recommended).

Dual-function motors: ENDODONTICS


Both IMPLA 6000 and IMPLA 7000 are dual-function motors: by connecting a 6:1 contra-angle handpiece and setting the correct ratio by simply pressing a button, the motor can be switched from the implant surgical procedure to the endodontics function. This function has 5 preset programs customized on root canal “simultaneous technique” preparation performed with Mtwo files.

Autoclavable tubing


The silicon tubing set supplied with the unit is autoclavable, but the motor also fits with the traditional disposable tubing sets.

Multi-function foot switch


The multi-function foot control allows for easily selecting the desidered programs, as well as controlling speed, direction, torque and turn the pump on/off.