The Prama implant system has been developed in collaboration with dr. Ignazio Loi, transferring the concepts of the B.O.P.T. technique (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) from the prosthesis on natural teeth to the prosthesis on implants.

Endosseous morphology


The Prama implants are available in two versions:


standard, with a cylindrical morphology documented by more than 15 years of clinical experience, suitable in all the zones of the oral cavity, thanks to its good stability and to its easiness of insertion in the lower jaw. The self-tapping apex confers great penetration ability and excellent primary stability;
RF (“Root Form”), with a tapered morphology specifically studied for the upper jaw and for a poorly mineralized bone in which this fixture can obtain the maximum stability, thanks to its structure. The rounded apex of the Pram RF implants makes them suitable also in case of sinus floor elevation.

3 diameters, 1 connection


The Prama implant is available in the endosseous diameters of 3.80 mm, 4.25 mm and 5.00 mm; the connection diameter is always 3.40 mm: in this way the management of the prosthetic components is easy and optimized. The hyperbolic curve of the neck has different dimensions, according to the implant diameter, allowing in this way to always have a connection diameter of 3.40 mm.

Prama neck


The Prama transgingival neck is characterized by a cylindrical part 0.80 mm high and by an hyperbolic portion 2 mm high, especially designed to guarantee a real continuity with the post. This absence of discontinuity gives the gum the possibility of adhere to titanium without any obstacles, and to achieve the adaptation profile established by the prosthodontist. The yellow-gold colour which characterises the Prama neck, moreover, is highly mimetic both under the soft tissues and under the translucent materials used in the implantoprosthesis.

COLLEX connection


The Prama implants are characterized by the COLLEX connection, which characterizes also Premium Kohno and Shelta implant systems. The presence of a prosthetic support collar, positioned in the inner part of the connection, guarantees a great prosthetic stability and allows the connection of the implant through the patented drivers Easy Insert, for a safe insertion in situ with mountless technique.



Also the Prama implants, like all the Sweden & Martina systems, are characterised by the CONTRACONE seal. This peripheral seal makes conical both the implant’s edge and the post’s one: in this way a mechanical barrier is created, which guarantees a peripheral seal that is able to limit the access of bacteria and to preserve the peri-implant tissues against possible inflammations.

Surgical mountless procedure


Premium One implants do not require a mounter device because they can be engaged directly inside the connection by practical Easy Insert drivers, designed to guarantee a safe grip, to prevent deformations to connections and at the same time to allow easy removal from the internal part of the implant connection. The use of these drivers makes the surgical procedure of insertion extremely easy.

New healing abutments Prama IN


The healing abutments Prama IN are design to close subgingival in the implant neck, enlarging the soft tissues during their healing, so that an adequate space is left for the insertion of the prosthetic components, avoiding pain and bother to the patient during the prosthetic load.
Different transgingival heights are available in the titan version, which are yellow gold colour anodizated as the implant neck; otherwise there is the reef version, which can be modified directly at the chair side.

Prosthetic screw with Full Head technology


The prosthetic screws dedicated to the Prama straight and angled posts, are characterized by the Full Head technology: the head of the screw, in fact, is full and it presents a total volume with reduced dimensions compared to a corresponding standard prosthetic screw. The head of the screw presents a conical support which improves the prosthetic tightening without impeding its possible removal. The Prama surgical kit contains also the screwdrivers dedicated to the screws with Full Head technology.

Pre-made posts for cemented protocol with B.O.P.T. technique


The Prama straight and angled pre-made posts have been designed together with the screws with Full Head technology. Moreover, it’s available a screw with conical support head and internal hex guide, useful in case of reduction of straight pre-made posts, as it doesn’t leave residual space for the cementer from flowing around the head of the screw itself. These posts have been designed to guarantee the continuity with the Prama transgingival hyperbolic neck. For further details please refer to the Prama Prosthetic Manual.



The Prama and Prama RF implants are available with the ZirTi Gold Machined surface, characterized by a machined transgingival neck, submitted to a particular controlled passivation process which gives to it a golden yellow colour, and by the endosseous body of the implant which is treated with ZirTi surface. The Prama implants are available with fully machined surface.

3.0 Dynamic Abutment®


3.0 Dynamic Abutment® is an innovative solution which incorporates freedom of movement from 0º to 28º, to rectify angulation issues. It simplifies the prosthetic work, and most importantly, provides solutions.
The 3.0 Dynamic Abutment® system is a unique and exclusive piece that has revolutionized the implantology sector, and it is the true alternative to titanium angulated abutments and to individual dies made by the technician. It is made up of two pieces connected together by an elbow that works as a joint, while the chimney pivots on the semi-spherical base. The Dynamic Abutment® system can rectify any angulation issues with millimetric precision up to 28º with full freedom of movement.