Periimplantitis represents the most serious site-specific biological complication which affects osseointegrated dental implants following prosthetic restoration. The distinctive feature of this pathology is periimplant bone reabsorption, which can manifest itself both vertically and horizontally, or better three-dimensionally, exposing part of the body and threads of the implant.

PERI-SET was created by the collaboration between two Italian doctors, dr. Giuseppe Corrente and dr. Roberto Abundo who, over the years, have perfected effective and repeatable sequences to recover situations which were seriously compromised due to periimplantitis. Their experience has influenced the presence of different types of instruments in the PERI-SET kit, whose use depends on the anatomical features of the periimplant defect to be treated. The follow-up of numerous cases treated confirms the real possibility of recovering hard and soft tissues which remain stable over time.

The crucial issue for the treatment of periimplantitis is the difficulty in completely removing pathogens and damaged tissues from the surface of the implant and, at the same time, restoring the macro and microgeometry of the surface making it suitable again for the hard and soft tissues. This kit has been developed in order that a decontamination protocol of the implant’s surface microgeometry and modification of its macrogeometry can be reproduced by odontologists with a view to optimal healing of tissue.

PERI-SET contains 2 types of disposable brushes, one with a pointed tip and one with open bristles, for a thorough cleaning of the surface. In addition there is a diamond drill and disk used for implantoplasty, as well as two different coloured tapered rubber tips for completing the treatment. The instruments are contained in a practical instrument holder made of stainless steel which can be sterilized and is autoclavable; it also allows the instruments to be organized ergonomically.